Monday, January 6, 2014

6 weeks

Soooo, it's been awhile. We have a baby yo! A real live, cranky ass baby making our lives all kinds of difficult. She's beautiful and healthy and I feel horrible for complaining but this child is what one might call high needs. We're not sure if she has a food sensitivity like big sister W or if she's just not happy with her lot in life. Either way, we do a lot of bouncing and rocking and even more breastfeeding. That all leaves very little time for DIY and home renovation. But never fear! I still have two furniture builds to show off and we're hopefully going to start searching for our next house soon so that means I need to get my butt in gear and get this house ready to sell. I also have a giant hole in the wall that needs to get a bifold door installed so you can watch me struggle through that. But here is the reason for my radio silence.
 Her arrival neccesitated some room switching. We currently have three bedrooms for our four girls so someone has to share. Baby B is still sleeping in our room but I wanted to make all the transitions before her arrival so that the older girls could adjust without blaming this new kid for disrupting their lives.

It was decided that our five year old would share a room with our two year old and that the baby would have her own room but all the toys in the nursery are for everyone. All the girls spend a lot more time playing in there now than they ever did before, which is just par for the course with these contrary ladies. This room sharing meant mama needed to build some bunk beds. I'll get into that project a little more next time but it was my first major solo project and it's still standing so I'm pretty proud.

The girls are doing really well sharing a room but closet space is lacking a little. So of course mama thought 'I can fix that' and out came the Sawzall and crowbar and now there's a big hole in the wall. The projects just never end because I never finish one before starting another. I can't wait to share more pictures and projects with you soon!

But right now my thoughts are trending more towards food and babies and so shall this little blog of mine until Baby B is big enough to give me the time to work on my projects again. I'm itching to stain some cupboards and build some stools but I'm struggling to shower on a regular basis so extra things will have to wait. I'm off the watch Season 3 of Breaking Bad while the whole country flips out about being so frickin' cold. Ta!

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