Saturday, August 16, 2014

brain no makey clever title

My brain is all clenchy and my eyes are hurty and I just want to crawl into a dark hole and cry. But my job allows no time off so I'll just whine instead. My migraines have changed their patterns after each baby and I am not liking this new schedule. Every month, along with my joyous cycle, I get to suffer from a migraine for 3 days. And the nausea is overwhelming. Just yuck.

We had a showing today so we all spent the entire morning cleaning and organizing things to show the house and rushed out the door. We found out immediately afterwards that the people thought it was too small and they have 5 kids. I fail to understand how a person can look at a real estate listing and not know immediately that the square footage is to small for a family with 5 kids. You should know how large your current home is and whether or not you need something bigger. Tip of the day: be an educated home buyer. Watch HGTV for a full weekend. Look at every listing in your town. Do drive bys in the neighborhood of anything that catches your eye. Do this at different times of the day and different days of the week. Know what square footage you need and don't look at anything smaller unless your realtor knows that there is something wrong with the listing.

Can I answer any real estate questions for you? I consider myself a very educated home buyer and would love to help you to be the same. Is anyone looking right now? I love the search for a new home but trying to sell is my least favorite thing in the world. I do wish that I hadn't even looked at new houses until we had sold this one but even knowing now that I feel that way, I probably won't do anything different in the future. It's too much fun and everyone always wants to skip to the fun part.

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