Saturday, November 3, 2012

Temporary shoe solution

My goal is to build a fantastic mudroom wall in our garage so that we can leave all our shoes and coats and things out there as we enter the house. My goal will not be happening until I get my arse in gear and unpack the rest of the boxes that are filling my garage right now. It's an elaborate game of shuffle the boxes from one place to another so that eventually I can assemble the awesome tote storage shelf my dad built for us. Once the shelf is assembled then I can figure out which totes go on the shelf and which go into the attic.

Sidenote: I've never had attic storage and wonder how worried I need to be about bugs and such. Do I need to super tape every tote or should they be fine? I'm planning to put holiday things up there so I only have to haul one or two up and down at a time but I just don't like bugs in my things.

So while my garage is a giant disaster and nobody is parking in there or storing their beloved shoes in there, I needed a temporary way to mitigate the shoesplosion that was happening in our entryway.
This was the very cheapest and easiest way to keep the pile by our front door from getting out of control. I just went to Dollar Tree (I love them because everything really is $1, not like other pretend dollar stores. Why call yourself a dollar store when things are $3.75?) and picked up six of these little baskets. They had them in several colors but I like the muted tones of the plum and green and the plum reminds me of our living room walls in the old house. You only see four here because I stuffed my two in the entry closet and they don't even begin to hold my shoe collection. But these baskets are a great size for my husband and kids' shoes. Although baby W (do you read that 'dubya' because that's how I say it in my head) seems to have about seven pairs of shoes too many. Having three girls sometimes leaves you with way too many of something in a particular size.

Do you buy more storage as your shoe collection grows or are you actually able to get rid of shoes now and then? I'm trying to be more realistic about purses but I just can't stop loving shoes. When we sell our old house I am celebrating with a pair of boots that I've had my eye on for months now.

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