Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Photo arrangement

I know you've seen this photo arrangement if you use Pinterest at all but I'll share it here in case you don't have that particular addiction. I can't nail down the original source but my pin comes from Martha Stewart and her team may be the first to think of this.

I have been planning to do this for awhile and originally had planned to place it in the hallway but ended up with a large blank wall in the living room that I painted orange. Orange does not look good at all with the large painting I had been planning to put on that wall so it was a lot of blank space next to a busy built in shelf. Along came the photo arrangement.

I thought I was going to be able to put far more photos up above and below the first rows but it got way too cluttered looking very quickly so I ended up taking down five more frames that I had up. So much better this way! I sort of wish I had bothered to evenly space the frames left to right but things shouldn't be so perfect all the time. I also need to put up some more recent photos one of these days but since the youngest two look identical as babies, we can just pretend some of those photos include baby W.

I tried to put the center line of the arrangement around my eye level. I'm about 5'5" so this leaves all the photos at a comfortable viewing level for most people while being high enough to be out of the reach of little fingers. It also leaves me the potential to put a console table on this wall below the photos if I wanted to.
Please ignore the blaringly obvious vaccuum handle there. I'm too congested to care at all about moving it out of the way or editing it out. Again, this paint color looks sickly green on my screen but I promise it's a very warm orange. I'll color correct next time I take photos so I can stop apologizing for it. The first photo looks a lot truer to life than this second one.

Would you have taken the time to space them evenly? What am I going to do with the thirty or so frames I have left? Oy! There are way too many choices in weather stripping.

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  1. love it. very original with the center lines being equal and the outer lines not. awesome!