Monday, October 22, 2012

About me

So you'd like to know a little about me? I feel like this post could change on a weekly basis but we'll start with some things about who I am today.

I'm in my mid-twenties, married, mother of three. I had my first baby as a single teen mother and my experiences as a mother have been different in many ways with each child.

I enjoy home improvement, decorating, acting, modelling, reading, and sometimes cooking. I listen to country music, but please don't hold that against me! I am very particular but also super lazy so life annoys me but I struggle to do anything about it. I regularly run into walls and trip over my own feet. I try my best to be as eco-friendly as possible while not spending too much money or putting forth too much effort.

My family and I just moved 15 hours away from everyone we've ever known and are figuring out how to get around in a new town and trying to make our new house a home. Hopefully you'll enjoy following along as I do just that.

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