Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spackle is one of my favorite words

I did not get much accomplished over the weekend. I've been in a funk partly because the husband has been sick and partly because I'm coming down with the same cold but I think mostly because this house isn't HOME yet. The kids and I spent a lot of time staying with my parents over the summer and this feels a lot like that. At their house I had free reign to use all the appliances and throw my stuff wherever (not that they loved that) and was very comfortable but it never has that feeling you get when you walk into your own home.

I know that moving 1000 miles and into a new house takes a little time to adjust to and I didn't expect it to happen over night but I guess I expected my furniture and my stuff to carry some of that feeling of home along with it. When we're in the house, it really doesn't feel like we're so very far away from where we came from because our routine can be very much the same. But this place just isn't ours yet. We haven't made memories here yet and we don't have traditions here and I have no clue where we'll put the Christmas tree. So that has led me down the rabbit hole of depression and crippling anxiety. But enough about feelings, back to the projects.

This morning I went around filling all of the many larger holes in the walls and ceilings with spackle. I used smart brand non-shrink wall fix because they didn't have my regular brand and type in the smaller container I wanted. I purchased it because I liked that it advertised itself as zero VOC (go here to see why this is preferable) and virtually odorless. The husband has issues with fumes and so I try to go with low odor products whenever I'll be working on something indoors. Because it sounded like such a wonderful product, I was very sad to find out that I didn't like it at all. This could be that fact that I have years of experience using Dap CrackShot (Dap 1 Quart CrackShot Spackling Interior-Exterior 12378 (Google Affiliate Ad)) and it is what my dad always used. No matter the reason, I felt that this Smart spackle was too fluffy and lightweight. It felt very dry to the touch and didn't really stay in the holes as I tried to fill them. I'm used to something much more sticky that stays where you put it. Also, I thought it smelled terrible but that could have something to do with my cold.

I need to do a second coat on a few of the holes so I'll let you know if I change my mind, but at this point I would recommend CrackShot, not this garbage. I also noticed that Dap has a newer spackle that goes on purple and dries to white. I'd be interested in trying that one but I wonder if it would make it harder to tell when the hole is well filled.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have a different spackling compound that you like better? I have a little decorating project to show you tomorrow and then I need to work on weather stripping my exterior doors.

*I should note that the links that say (google affiliate ad) would potentially make me a few sheckles if you bought something but none of my posts have been sponsored and, even if they ever were, all of my opinions are going to be as honest as it gets. I only post the links so you can see a picture of what I'm talking about so it's easier to find at your hardware store.

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