Thursday, October 25, 2012

Couch shopping

This is my very first attempt at a mood board and I obviously need a little more time to make them look as nice as the ones I've seen on other sites but you'll get the gist of it. I recently painted my living room with Valspar Pronghorn. Although it looks terrible on my screen right now, it is a warm gingery orange that we have all been loving. Unfortunately, we sold a lot of our living room furniture before we moved and we have not closed on the sale of our old house so we aren't in a position to buy new furniture right now. So I'm sitting on a 20 year old love seat looking at our old nursery rocker and my husband's recliner which may or may not have to go eventually. It's not pretty but it gives us a place to sit until we can find something new. These are far prettier!

The biggest factors in our search for new seating are going to be comfort versus looks. We like to watch tv and we like to be comfortable while doing it. The last sectional that we purchased, mostly because it was inexpensive, never really worked out like we had hoped. We bought it thinking that the whole family would be able to sit there and hang out and in reality I was the only person who ever sat there. Also, it was not very comfortable and compressed where you sat so there were distinct butt prints all the time.

We won't be going for another sectional because it just didn't work out but also because it wouldn't work with the layout of our living room. I'm considering a couch, a chair, and either a loveseat or a chair-and-a-half. We're planning to look in our town because we prefer to spend our money locally but we'll probably end up making a trip to a couple larger towns nearby just to make sure we're not settling for something we don't love.

Are you shopping for furniture? What are your biggest considerations when looking for a couch? We know that scotch guarding pays for itself many times over when you have kids so we'll for sure be going with something similar again.

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